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Float Level Control Pressure Powered Pump

Float Level Control Condensate Pump

The Liqui-Mover® float level control is 100% mechanical–it requires no electricity to operate. This makes it well suited to remote locations, like tank farms, where it is impractical to supply electricity.

Float-operated level control pressure powered pumps are also used where electricity can be hazardous. This includes wet environments like sumps/pits, bottle washers, laundry equipment, and explosive environments such as refineries, chemical plants, or distillation towers.

Stage One: Fill

Fluid flows from the receiving chamber (A) through the inlet check valve (B) into the pump tank (C). The 3-way valve (D) is open between the pump tank and the receiving chamber, equalizing the pressure between them through the equalizing line (E).

Stage Two: Pump

When the level control (F) senses that the pump tank is full, the 3-way valve energizes to admit the motive pressure into the pump tank (C). The motive pressure forces the fluid past the discharge check valve (H) and out the discharge line.

Stage Three: Equalize

Once the level control (F) senses the pump tank has emptied, the 3-way valve (D) de-energizes, shutting off the motive pressure, and opening the vent port in the valve. This allows the pump tank (C) and the receiving chamber (A) to equalize in pressure. The cycle will now repeat.


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