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BCI™/BCIM™ Rotary Unions

BCI Rotary Unions
The Bearing Cover Inserted (BCI) rotary union is applied to continuous casting steel segment rolls on water service.

It is self-centering and mounted inside the bearing cover to protect the rotary union from breakouts and eliminates side loading caused by external flexible hoses. The ability to handle misalignment, the large flow area, and simple design make this rotary union a preferred design for all new and rebuilt continuous casting roll segments. Field tests have proven the BCI rotary union capable of operating for multiple campaigns without requiring repair.

US Patent No. 7,004,509


  • Mounts inside bearing cover
  • External flexible hose eliminated
  • Custom-designed and manufactured
  • Available with soft-seal or mechanical seal design
  • High Cv flow values
  • Union can be rebuilt without removing bearing cover
  • Up to 10 mm axial movement


  • Rotary union protected from break-outs
  • Side loading eliminated
  • Application flexibility
  • Multiple campaign performance
  • Continuous cooling, large flow areas
  • Easy installation and repair
  • Accommodates thermal growth of roll

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