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45 Series Steam Traps

45 Series Steam Traps
In corrugated packaging plants, a steam trap is used to remove condensate from corrugating rolls, preheater rolls, preconditioner rolls, and hot plates.
The 45-Series steam trap was specifically designed for corrugated applications. It handles large and variable loads at any back-pressure to remove condensate without loss of steam. It also provides automatic venting of air within the system to ensure rapid warm-up of the rolls and other components.


  • Proven rolling ball shut-off mechanism
  • Proprietary internal air by-pass system
  • Stainless-steel internal components
  • Forged steel and ductile iron housing
  • In-line serviceable design


  • Immediate condensate discharge under all conditions
  • Maximum efficiency and heat output
  • Fast start-ups
  • Reliable and durable for extended operating life
  • Easy and accessible maintenance

Optimizing Performance

45-Series steam traps are part of a steam system that efficiently manages energy throughout a corrugated packaging plant. We offer products and system knowledge as well as field service support to optimize steam system performance in every application.

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