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Safety audits are an onsite, independent third-party assessment of critical steam system components to identify gaps in safety, housekeeping, and operating practices. Performance audits are an onsite assessment of steam systems focused on identifying opportunities and solutions for improving energy efficiency, production speed, and product quality.

Our Boiler Room Safety Audits are focused on safety. The audit ensures the boiler room is properly permitted, maintained, and documented. It also ensures safety devices are maintained and functioning, including all pressure vessels. Steam System Audits and Dryer Performance Evaluations focus on performance. The entire steam and condensate system is reviewed, opportunities are identified, and solutions are prioritized. In all audits, we partner with you to resolve open issues.

Boiler Room Safety Audit

  • Independent - 3rd party audit
  • Review of key hardware and processes
  • More than 70 audit checkpoints
  • Action list of prioritized issues
  • Identification of immediate safety issues
  • Best practices sharing

Steam System Audit

  • Corrugator steam system audit
  • Boiler room steam system audit
  • Paper temperature measurements
  • Transient condition analysis
  • Operational improvement recommendations
  • Equipment upgrade recommendations

Dryer Performance Evaluation

  • Dryer section measurements
  • Equipment sizing analysis
  • Operational improvement recommendations
  • Equipment upgrade recommendations
  • "ROI" analysis

Genuine OEM Service Parts and Repair Kits

Using genuine OEM service parts ensures that your equipment is maintained to the highest standards. Our experts can quickly and accurately identify service parts for our equipment and our short lead times ensure customers get the parts they need when they need them.