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Vacuum Breakers

Vacuum breakers provide a simple, dependable way to relieve an unwanted vacuum in a closed vessel or pipeline.
Vacuums are often caused by cooling fluids and can cause equipment implosion or contamination from back siphonage. Kadant Johnson’s simple and reliable design provides instant response to vacuums and a large air venting capacity. They are easy to install and are rigorously tested for a long service life. Sizes are available from 3/8" to 1-1/2".


  • Simple spring, ball, and O-ring design
  • Stainless steel ball, spring, and retainer tube construction
  • Low sealing spring pressure
  • Rated to 300 psig, 365°F

  • 100% factory bubble testing
  • Design endurance tested to 1M cycles
  • NPT threading available


  • Instantaneous opening to vacuum conditions
  • Large air venting capacity
  • Low differential pressure sealing
  • Quiet, chatter free performance
  • Long and dependable life
  • Easy installation

Optimizing Performance

Operating pressures are possible beyond 300 psig depending upon size, seal materials, and temperatures. We offer product and system knowledge to choose the right vacuum breaker across multiple applications.

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