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Jet Products

Jet products, such as thermocompressors and desuperheaters, are used to increase or lower the pressure and temperature of media from an upstream process. The media is then re-used in a downstream process. They are highly energy efficient because 100% of the energy in the mixing process is retained in the output media.

To maximize performance, jet products are designed for their application. Common applications include recycling waste steam and increasing its pressure and temperature with high-pressure motive steam. This steam can then be recycled back into the same process. Another common application is decreasing the pressure and temperature of superheated steam by directly injecting water. This steam is then at a temperature and pressure useable in a heat transfer process.


Why not just vent waste steam into the atmosphere?

Recycling waste steam with a thermocompressor saves energy and water by not venting it. One hundred percent of the energy and water is captured for reuse.

Can I recycle waste steam in any application?

No. There must be access to high-pressure motive steam to recycle the low-pressure waste steam into a higher pressure usable steam and our applications team must ensure the thermocompressor can be sized for the application.

Why would I need to cool steam?

Superheated steam is often generated  to power electric turbines or to make the steam safer to transport in long pipes. Superheated steam is less efficient when used to heat things and can damage equipment not designed to handle the high temperatures.

Are all desuperheaters the same?

No, there are a few styles of desuperheaters to accommodate a range of operating conditions and space constraints. Our application team can help you pick the right one for you.