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Desuperheaters reduce the temperature of superheated steam to its saturation point for optimal heat transfer and efficiency.
In many manufacturing processes, steam is initially superheated and distributed at high-pressure to prevent the formation of condensate droplets. In the case of turbine applications, droplets can cause significant damage to turbine blades. In downstream applications cooler steam is needed. Desuperheaters inject cooling water to cool the steam to its saturation point for optimum heat transfer in these applications.
Spray Type

Spray Type

  • Cooling water direct injection
  • Max turndown ratio 2:1
  • Low pressure drop
  • Constant steam load applications
  • Simple, low cost
Venturi Type

Venturi Type

  • Jet port injection
  • Max turndown ratio 10:1
  • High-pressure drop
  • No high-pressure steam or high-pressure cooling water needed
Ejector Atomizing Type

Ejector Atomizing Type

  • Atomized mixing chamber
  • Max turndown ratio 50:1
  • Medium pressure drop
  • Optional control package
  • 1.5X process steam pressure required

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