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Variable Moisture Steam™ Shower Supply System

Variable Moisture Steam™ Shower Supply System
Corrugating medium is being made with increasing amounts of recycled fiber. As fiber length and freeness decline, it becomes more difficult to form flutes, particularly at high speed.

The Variable Moisture Steam (VMS™) shower supply system can help precondition the medium and improve flute formation on single facers running at high-speeds.


The VMS shower supply system works by mixing steam with a controlled amount of water to supply a saturated vapor to the steam shower. This moisture-rich steam softens and plasticizes the fibers, allowing the single facer to form proper flutes at higher speeds.

Varying Moisture Level

A calibrated water flow valve allows the operator to vary the moisture level of the steam that supplies the steam shower, adjusting the flow to match the actual conditions of the medium.

Automatic Controls

Incorporated into the design are automatic controls to start and stop the steam flow in accordance with the single facer line speed. The VMS shower supply unit design prevents water slugging, which can cause a break-out of the medium. The VMS unit can also be used to supply conditioned steam for heating the liner and for the double facer belt showers.

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