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Flexible Metal Hose

Flexible Metal Hose
Flexible hose prevents stress on rotary joints and unions as well as connected piping due to thermal expansion or vibration.
Its flexibility makes installations easier and does not restrict the built-in movement of the rotary joint. Flexible hose has been engineered especially for rotary joint and union applications. It features stainless steel construction and is available in multiple diameters, lengths, and attachment methods.


  • 300 series stainless steel corrugated lining
  • Threaded and flanged couplings
  • Size ranges from 1/4” to 8”
  • Custom lengths


  • Engineered specifically for rotary joints and rotating unions
  • Reduces stress on rotary joints and internal components
  • Provides flexibility during installation and operation
  • Prevents pipe strain

Optimizing Performance

To enable flexibility in multiple directions, either two hoses or one longer hose with a minimum bend radius can be used. Kadant Johnson offers product and system knowledge as well as field service support to choose the right flexible hose and configuration across multiple applications.

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