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LJX™ Rotary Joints

LJX Rotary Joint & Syphon System
Specifically designed to retrofit critical rolls on the single facer, the LJX rotary joint and syphon system is a heavy-duty, robust combination engineered to deliver maximum heat across all board combinations and enhance safety around the single facer.

The rigid assembly eliminates deficiencies found in conventional syphon systems where syphon failures are common, condensate behavior is erratic, and roll temperatures fluctuate.

Achieving maximum roll temperatures across all board combinations and weights is done through proper control of the syphon clearance. A one-piece, thick-wall mechanical tube and integral tapered-wedge provide rigidity of the syphon, and the SecureLock™ retention plate in the rotary joint secures the syphon in place. Once the locking elbow is engaged, the syphon clearance is fixed. Bouncing syphons, deflecting bent pipes, and syphon failures are eliminated.


  • SecureLock™ syphon retention plate
  • Ultra-rigid syphon assembly with self-locking elbow
  • Heavy-duty mounting rods with integrated sleeves
  • Visual seal ring wear indicator
  • Simple upgrade with no piping modifications


  • Improved bonding, especially at higher speeds
  • Maximum heat across all board combinations
  • Increased equipment reliability and operating life
  • Cost-effective upgrade and quick ROI
  • Safer operating environment

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