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LMX™ Smart Pump

The LMX™ smart pump enables institutional and industrial applications to reliably return condensate to their boiler. The fully automated smart pump provides visibility into the condensate return system and on-screen diagnostics allow planned maintenance and quick issue resolution.

Engineered for demanding environments, LMX smart pumps maintain a minimal footprint and standard configurations are manufactured with a protective steel cabinet. The low profile, skid mounted design makes system integration easy. Using Kadant Johnson’s intuitive user interface and large touch screen display, users have access to on-screen status updates and performance diagnostics while the 360° stack light provides easy to read visual alerts. The intelligent LMX smart pump is scalable to address the condensate flow requirements of your application.

  • Condensate flow diagnostics

  • Live performance status

  • Large intuitive user interface

  • Preventive maintenance alerts

  • Radar level control with no moving parts

  • Flange connections

  • Skid or frame mounted construction

  • Local (in-plant network) or remote (optional) diagnostics and prognostics

  • 360° stack light visibility

  • Protective cabinet (on some models)

  • Redundant pumping system (optional)

  • Detects issues before system impacted

  • Real-time visibility into system performance

  • Simple operation

  • Maximized uptime

  • Continuous level sensing, no probe fouling

  • Easy to service

  • Trouble-free integration

  • Fast troubleshooting

  • Status visibility at a glance

  • Protection from outside contaminants

  • Continued operation if one pump fails

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