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Flexible Metal Hose & Connectors

Flexible Metal Hose & Connectors
Corrugated metal hose with and without external braiding and metal pump connectors to absorb vibration, misalignment, and piping thermal expansion or contraction.
Options include rubber covering, unique alloys, and sizes from 0.25” to 12”.


  • Full line of annular metal hose in 316 and 321 stainless steel and Monel 400
  • Unbraided, single-braid, and double-braided configurations
  • Close pitch and open pitch designs
  • Threaded and flanged end options


  • Stress relief for piping systems and components
  • Protect equipment from excess motion
  • Rigidity or flexibility, as required by the application

Custom Solutions

Have an application that requires a specialized solution? We focus on making the best solution possible with quick turnaround. We are ready to engineer your custom-designed hose to fit your application.

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