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Control Units

Control Units
Control units can provide additional support to rubber expansion joints by adding rigidity strength when proper anchoring is not available.
Control units are also used to restrict the movement allowances of an expansion joint. They should always be used when excessive stress and motion on the joint might cause that joint to fail or be over-stressed to the point of near failure. The number of control rods installed on a joint is dictated by the pressure requirements on the system. The number of rods can also give greater control over any lateral movements. In general, control units are always recommended as an additional safety factor, preventing damage to the connector and associated equipment.


  • Corrosion-resistant gusset plates and steel rods
  • Fully-threaded steel rod
  • Designed to either limit compression or continuously restrain the expansion joint’s axial movement
  • Available internal nuts or compression sleeves to prevent over-compression


  • Protects expansion joints by limiting or controlling thrust forces
  • Enhanced safety and operation
  • Added rigidity and strength to piping system
  • Extended operating life

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