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G™ Rotary Unions

G Rotary Unions
The G rotary union is a high performance, high precision rotary union for coolant, water, air, and hydraulic oil applications.

The G rotary union is generally applied to the machine tool industry for transfer lines, gun drills, spindles, drilling, milling, rotary index tables, machine tools, CNC machines, grinding machines, presses, and clutches.


  • High precision rotary union up to 42,000 rpm and 200 bar

  • Standard and customized rotary unions
  • Bearingless unions available
  • Different combination of seal materials
  • MQL application


  • Longer seal life because of laser lift technology
  • Seals are able to handle coolant and compressed air (10 bar 15000 rpm 24 h)
  • Mechanical seals always in contact: No leakage during commutation from coolant to dry running
  • Low operational temperature to increase bearing life
  • Possibility of customized tests on customers parameters

Custom Solutions

Have an application that requires a specialized solution? Kadant Johnson’s product innovation team focuses on making the best solution in the shortest time possible. Kadant Johnson’s engineering team is committed to providing technology that meets customers’ application demands. Our goal is to work closely with our customers to develop reliable, efficient, and technically advanced products that add value by improving the process and the quality of the end product.

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