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Turbulator® Tube Bars

Turbulator® Tube™ Bars
Turbulator Tube bars increase the drying rate and decrease the cross-machine temperature variation of dryers.

The patented design induces turbulence in the rimming layer of condensate for increased heat transfer, and the axial configuration delivers uniform drying across the machine.

US Patent Nos. 7,028,756 and 7,673395


  • Engineered dryer bar geometry
  • Durable stainless steel composition
  • Segment design with light weight, hollow construction
  • Simple, robust compression bolt attachment
  • Installation without machining or special tools


  • Increased drying capacity across operating conditions
  • Reduced sheet breaks and improved quality
  • Faster drying rate response to machine inputs
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Increased durability
  • Less bar thinning and corrosion
  • Quick installation

Optimizing Performance

Turbulator Tube bars deliver the best performance when the condensate layer is at its optimum thickness. Kadant Johnson R&D has conducted exhaustive testing to determine the optimal syphon configuration and height for different applications. Operating with the right bar and syphon combination maximizes the operating range, capacity, and uniformity of dryer heat transfer.

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