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Thermocompressors boost low-pressure steam to higher pressures for reuse in multiple applications.

This maximizes energy efficiency by retaining the energy in low-pressure steam while increasing its pressure by mixing in high-pressure steam. With just three basic components: a nozzle, mixing section, and diffuser; a thermocompressor is simple, yet highly energy efficient.

Recirculating applications capture blow-through steam and recycle it back into the process with a minimal pressure boost. Booster applications increase the pressure of the steam for increased drying capacity.


  • Engineered geometry
  • Simple, three component design
  • Geometry matched to syphon characteristics
  • Nozzle and throat sized to applications
  • Retrofits to competitive installations


  • Maximized system efficiency
  • Seamless system integration
  • Wide operating range with minimized motive use
  • Low cost and easy to install

Optimizing Performance

Thermocompressors are an integral part of maximizing the efficiency of steam systems. It is important to understand the associated syphon characteristics and drying constraints of each application. We offer product and system knowledge as well as field service support to choose the right thermocompressor across multiple applications.

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