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Expansion Joints

Expansion joints, hand-crafted and precision molded by Kadant Unaflex, are used in industrial piping systems to compensate for movement due to thermal expansion, vibration, and other causes. Expansion joints are used in a variety of applications from oil and gas, power and chemical to food and beverage.  

Vacuum Breakers

Rubber Expansion Joints - Used in all systems conveying fluids under pressure or vacuum at various temperatures to accommodate movement in piping runs, protect piping from expansion and contraction, and ensure efficient and productive operations.

Metal Bellows Expansion Joints - Used in pipelines and process vessels to absorb motion in the system and applied to higher-temperature and higher-pressure applications.

PTFE Expansion Joints - PTFE is a synthetic fluoropolymer which finds numerous applications due to its non-stick nature and resistance to certain chemicals.

High-Temperature Fabric Expansion Joints - Non-metallic, flue-duct expansion joints that provide stress relief for piping and ducting systems by absorbing thermal expansion and shock, isolating mechanical vibration, and allowing for misalignment.

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